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30-03-2011, 11:43 []         SRUSS - 03 (Speed roundabout on base USS)

SRUSS - 03 is intended for the high-speed three-coloured printing on balloons.

The short characteristic
Speed of  the printing:
1 operator of  the printing - 1500 balloons an hour, having a drying TD - 01 or WD- 01
Batcher B – 01 is not required.

Inflating  of  balloons  is carried out automatically, adjustment of the size of a balloon is possible at a rating.

Having 2 operators of  the printing -
Speed of  the printing - 1800 balloons an hour

Weight: 250 kg

Dimensions: height - 1100 mm, width - 1750 mm, depth - 1750 mm
printing method - silk-screen printing

The equipment complex consists of  three printing sections USS - 06 or USS - 08 and 8 beam roundabout.

This equipment is intended for coating one -three colored quality images.

SRUSS - 03 will allow you to print on balloons difficult three-coloured images even those in which there is a combination of colours or a fringing. Using the given complex of the equipment, the human factor does not influence the quality of  the printing as the operator does not participate in giving of  balloons in printing space. 

Complete set:
1. Printing section USS - 3 pieces
2. A power unit from a network of  220 Volt of 50 Hz - 1 piece
3. A silk-photostencil frame SPhUSS... - 4 pieces
4. A pneumohose - 1 piece (for connection with the compressor)
5. A roundabout 8 beam - 1 piece        
6. The instruction
7. Packing
8. Tools

The note
Work of  the operator of  the printing on a complex of  equipment SRUSS - 03 does not demand any skills and an operational experience. Any person can begin work on the equipment from series SRUSS with the first approach.

The human factor does not influence quality of the printing on balloons.
Balloons can be any quality.

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